Machado de Assis
was black.

Racism portrayed
him as white.

It’s time to right
this injustice.

Black and white photo of Machado de Assis

The real Machado de Assis

Machado de Assis.

The most important name
in Brazilian literature.

A journalist, a writer of short stories
and novels, a poet, and a playwright.

And, though few people know it:
a black man.

Because of racism in Brazil,
it was hidden for centuries.

His official photo, used until today,
changed the color of his skin,
distorting his features and rejecting
his true origin.

Machado de Assis was whitened
to gain recognition, unfortunately.

This is a ridiculous fact
that stains the country’s
history, and an injustice
to the black community.

The time has come for
this mistake to be corrected.

During the month of World Book Day
and Copyright Day, it finally will be.

A real photo of Machado de Assis
is available here on the site,
to be pasted over the old,
prejudiced one.

A historic correction made
to prevent the continued perpetuation
of racism in literature.

To encourage current
authors of color.

To give society a chance
to reflect on Brazil’s greatest author.

And for all generations
to recognize the brilliant
black man that he was.

Every bookshelf in this
country should have a corrected
edition of Machado de Assis.

History will be thankful.

Corrected color photo from Machado de Assis
Click below to download the corrected photo
and update your Machado de Assis book.
First step to update your book of Machado de Assis.
Download and print
the corrected photo.
Second step to update your book of Machado de Assis.
Glue it over
the old photo
and update your
Machado de Assis book.
Optional last step
Send the file
to others.
Write email
Correct the biggest
racial injustice
in literature.
Sign the petition for publishers and bookstores
to stop printing, publishing and selling
books in which the author’s whitened image appears
and to replace the prejudiced image
for one of the real Machado de Assis.
Sign now

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